the photographic journey of andrea danani

“How do you not understand that you who stay are the lucky ones?

You can run barefoot through the fields

while i’m downtown breathing the cement.”

…         …      …      …      …      …      …      …

“Where there was grass, now there is

a city

and that house

in the middle of green fields, by now?

where can it be?.”

“Ma come fai a non capire

È una fortuna, per voi che restate

a piedi nudi a giocare nei prati

mentre là in centro respiro il cemento”

…          …      …      …      …      …      …      …

“Là dove c’era l’erba ora c’è una città

e quella casa in mezzo al verde

ormai dove sarà?”

Buildings are in the city of Padua – Italiy
House in countryside is in Mantova

Lyrics from © “il ragazzo della via Gluck” by Adriano Celentano

All images © Andrea Danani



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  1. October 21, 2012

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Andrea. So glad you found me. Your photography is stunning, captivating.

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